Sunday, September 7, 2014

Between the Panels on the Business of Comics and Pop Culture
Plus, Why The CW Believes in "Arrow"

By +Tim Beyers

Hi, and welcome to The Full Bleed! This is where you'll find me when I'm not writing about innovation and pop culture for major outlets such as The Motley Fool and DailyFinance. (Please visit those sites often -- I promise you'll learn how to do more with your money!)

Why have a blog covering the business when I'm already writing about comics and pop culture elsewhere? Simple. There are times when I want to offer more than an analyst's perspective. Sometimes, I just want to be a fan. The Full Bleed lets me do that.

Here, I'll be going between the panels to offer insights on news and rumors about TV shows, films, and most of all, comics. (I've been reading and collecting comics since the late '70s.)

There's also a need. Too many pro journalists are botching pop culture stories by leaning on worn cultural stereotypes that have long since been debunked by data. Where are the fans covering the business of comics and pop culture? Here, for starters. But I'm also not the only one. At the end you'll find links to friends whose commentary I think is worth your time.

Click the video for more regarding what you can expect at The Full Bleed, including a surprising tidbit relating to two of genre television's most popular properties:

Interesting, right? The search I'm referring to in the video is for raw terms. Google doesn't have enough data to score volume for Constantine and Gotham. Here's what the data looks like if you're only interested in news and social posts relating to the DC and Marvel shows for which Google does have data:

For more news, reviews, and coverage of the business comics and pop culture, please visit my content partners at Sci-Fi Talk and Geek Legacy. Each month, Tony Tellado, Justin Cavender, and I team up in a podcast called Everything Geek that you'll want to tune into.

My other favorites include Heidi MacDonald and her team at The Beat, Rob Salkowitz's columns at ICv2, John Siuntres' Word Balloon podcast, The Nerdist Comics Panel podcast, the Comic Corner podcast, and The Flash Podcast. I hope you enjoy them all, and that you'll come back and check out what I'm doing here at +The Full Bleed. I promise, most of my posts won't be this long.

Questions? Comments? Leave them in the space below, and thanks again for being here!

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