Tuesday, November 18, 2014

For Marvel, "Guardians of the Galaxy" Blu-ray Aims to Fix a Weak Spot
Disney's superhero empire is still far from perfect

By +Tim Beyers 

Welcome to issue 7 of The Full Bleed! 

On the advice of my pal +Justin Cavender over at +Geek Legacy, I'm starting a regular video series covering the geek news of the day. Today's topic: Guardians of the Galaxy

Marvel needs the just-released Digital HD and 3D editions to do well in order to account for surprisingly low home video sales. Get the details in the video and then dig deeper in my first Marvel Movie Report, which breaks down the earnings and estimated profitability of the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe. 

A complete list of video commentary is available at my YouTube channel.

Finally, check out my content partners at Geek Legacy and Sci-Fi Talk. Combined, our "Geek Initiative" delivers news, reviews, interviews, and commentary on all the things you love.

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