Sunday, November 16, 2014

Introducing the Marvel Movie Report

By +Tim Beyers 

Welcome to issue 6 of The Full Bleed! 

Curious about just how well +Marvel movies have done in recent years? Well, wonder no more! Below is a spreadsheet with estimated movie-by-movie profit, as well as look at Disney's influence on the MCU since the acquisition closed on Jan. 1, 2010. 

Please link to or use this data as much as you'd like. But if you do, please also be sure to mention The Full Bleed. Special thanks to Box Office Mojo,, and for supplying the raw data. The calculations and estimates are mine. 

And that's +The Full Bleed for now. Have a comment or a story idea? Leave it below or find me on Twitter and Facebook. (Full disclosure: I own shares of Disney stock.)

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