Monday, December 8, 2014

By The Numbers: What "The Flash" Has Done for "Arrow"

By +Tim Beyers

Welcome to issue 12 of +The Full Bleed, where I go between the panels to cover the business of comics, pop culture, and genre entertainment.

Last week, I looked at expectations for the big Flash vs. Arrow crossover and what it would take to set a new record. So how did each show do?

According to the live plus same day ratings provided by Nielsen and published at TVByTheNumbers, Arrow drew 3.92 million viewers -- not a record for the series but notable in that it's a 21% boost over the audience for episode 208, which fans will recall as the first appearance of Grant Gustin as police scientist Barry Allen. For The Flash, episode 108 drew 4.34 million viewers for the season's second-best draw so far.

Usually the gap is even wider. By my math, average viewership for Arrow is just under 2.8 million through eight episodes while The Flash has drawn less than 3.5 million viewers only twice since the show's October debut, a 700,000 viewer gap that could widen next week if the Reverse Flash proves to be more popular than Ra's al Ghul. I've embedded trailers for both upcoming episodes below. Enjoy, and be sure to leave a comment to let me know how you see these shows closing out the winter break.

Arrow - Episode 309: "The Climb"

The job of playing Ra's al Ghul passes from Liam Neeson's capable hands to that of Matt Nable. I've not looked up who gets to stand in for Professor Zoom but I also tend to avoid spoilers.

The Flash - Episode 109: "The Man in the Yellow Suit"

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