Saturday, March 21, 2015

The Case For Geoff Johns as Showrunner of the DC Universe

Geoff Johns speaking on the Green Lantern panel at SDCC 2012. Credit: Blog of Oa.

By +Tim Beyers

Issue 17 of +The Full Bleed asks whether +DC Entertainment Chief Creative Officer Geoff Johns should be showrunner of the company's entire broadcast universe, keying off this analysis from my feed on The Business of Comics:

Notice that I'm not talking just about television but also live action and animated movies as well as video games, overseeing an interconnected narrative that informs, supports, and profits from each other -- but not for the purpose of creating continuity in the same way that Marvel has.

We already know DC isn't interested in straight-line continuity. Arrow and The Flash have created an interconnected TV universe that's about to be expanded by Supergirl. All three properties -- plus Gotham over at Fox and Constantine at NBC -- will stand apart from Zack Snyder's interconnected movie universe, which also stands apart from a (mostly) interconnected animated universe that borrows from some, but not all, of the video game properties.

Why have a cross-universe showrunner if cross-media continuity isn't an issue? To take advantage of opportunities.

Think of The Flash. On TV, Grant Gustin plays Barry Allen, The Flash of the Silver Age of comic books. Ezra Miller is due to play The Flash on the big screen. Will he also be Barry? He certainly doesn't need to be. Wally West held the title for decades in the comics. Bart Allen was The Flash at one point, too. So was Jay Garrick. A DC multiverse allows for all sorts of creative character development. Having Johns oversee it all would make it easier to surface the best stories in the best mediums, a deft business move that could delight both new and old.

Now it's your turn to weigh in. Would you like to see Warner and DC appoint Geoff Johns as its multiverse master? Leave your comment below or ping me on Google+, Facebook, or Twitter.

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