Monday, May 18, 2015

How Comic Book Artists Can Make the Most of Instagram

By +Tim Beyers

Issue 26 of +The Full Bleed kicks off a new schedule with new video on Mondays and Wednesdays. On Mondays, I'll have a business tip aimed at new creators trying to do more with their work. On Wednesdays, I'll have analysis of industry business news. In each case, I'm making The Full Bleed a a one-stop source of MBA-level advice and analysis of the business of comics and genre entertainment.

This week kicks off with a trick comic book artists can use to get more from Instagram as a platform for marketing their work. In the video you'll discover:

  • Why Instagram's ban of live links on posted photos isn't nearly as big a deal as it seems.
  • What ONE social platform every comic book artist should be using.
  • How social media marketing tools such as Buffer can make your Instagram posts even more effective.

Ready to learn more? Click the video to watch now and then subscribe to never miss an issue. The Full Bleed is a founding member of The Geek Initiative, a collection of blogs teaming up like Voltron to bring you the best news, reviews, and analysis of genre entertainment.

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