Thursday, June 4, 2015

Report: Most DC Comics Movies Are Unprofitable

 Can Cyborg and Green Lantern carry their own movies? Credit: DC Entertainment.
By +Tim Beyers

Welcome to the show notes for Issue 31 of +The Full Bleed, which goes between the panels to examine the quantifiable risk of making new DC Comics movies. Specifically:
  • According to the DC Movie Report, the average film suffers a 0.67% loss at the box office after accounting for production costs, marketing and distribution, and a 50% cut for theaters. 
  • Of the 25 movies tracked, 8 recorded an estimated box office profit. None did so well as Tim Burton's 1989 adaptation, Batman, which scored an estimated 38.66% gross profit margin on box office ticket sales.
  • Steel ranks as DC's worst performer, racking up a staggering $20.47 million loss on just $1.71 million in box office sales.
  • Conversely, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice could be the biggest DC film to come around in awhile. The "World's Finest" duo already combine for an estimated 80.76% of DC's worldwide grosses and an estimated 68.85% of home video sales.
I've a full accounting of DC movies in the DC Movie Report. Members of The Geek Initiative get access to the full spreadsheet with studio details, release dates, and estimated production and marketing costs. Sign up now and you'll get the report, plus podcasts, interviews, and other exclusives from The 7th Matrix, Geek Legacy, and Sci-Fi Talk. 

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