Tuesday, June 9, 2015

The 1 Thing You Must Master to Make Comics Professionally

Curly from City Slickers says to focus on just one thing -- and he's right. Credit: Columbia Pictures.
By +Tim Beyers

Welcome to the show notes for issue 34 of +The Full Bleed. This week's business issue goes between the panels to discuss how movie producers sell films and how their approach can help you market your comics. Specifically:
  • Keeping a schedule and publishing in one place allows fans who like your work to recommend to their friends where and when to find you, because they know new stuff will be there.
  • Also, you need a track record. Ryan Browne turned God Hates Astronauts into a semi-regular webcomic in 2010. Image Comics picked it up in print last year. Katie Cook has been writing and drawing her adorable webcomic, Gronk: A Monster's Story, since April of 2010. Five years later, she has a print deal with Action Lab. Doing the hard work of building audience first -- in one place, and one place only -- CAN pay off.
  • Predictability also forces you to be professional. And that's what you want to be, right? A comics industry professional? Learn to deliver consistently and you'll have won half the battle.
  • For a quick study on audience building, check out Joe Pulizzi's presentation from the recent Authority Rainmaker conference put on by Copyblogger. 
Ready for the issue? Click the video to watch now and then add us to your pull list. You don't want to miss tomorrow's industry issue, in which we cover the changing nature of the Marvel TV universe, and why Netflix is so much more important to its success than Disney's ABC network.

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