Wednesday, June 17, 2015

What Movie Producers Can Teach You About Selling Comics

How do you market Dreadstar? As Star Wars meets Robin Hood. Art by Jim Starlin.

By +Tim Beyers

Welcome to the show notes for issue 34 of +The Full Bleed. This week's business issue goes between the panels to explain how movie producers sell films and how their approach can help you market your own work. Specifically, you should:
  • Combine two relatable concepts can help an audience unfamiliar with your work understand what you're trying to achieve. Think of Dreadstar. While I've no way of knowing how creator Jim Starlin pitched the idea when he first conceived it, I wouldn't be surprised if Star Wars meets Robin Hood was part of the conversation.
  • Provide buyers and backers with a concept that makes it easy to ascribe value to your work. Relating it to other known projects that have seen commercial success can help get the dollars flowing faster. You can also draw distinctions and get the same effect. Consider the case of Super issue 3, an indie comic that's also the most overfunded project of its kind in Kickstarter history. Writer Joshua Crowther pitches the book as a sort antidote to Hollywood tales of super powers in the real world. From the pitch: "I know, I know, there's movies and comics out there with a similar premise (the film Chronicle comes to mind), but the endings always devolve into some super-powered fist-fight ... This will never happen in this series, ever." Interesting, right?
  • Finally, remember to tell your story and not some mishmash thrown together in hopes of cashing in on the hot genre of the moment. Hollywood does this a lot, which may be why so many movies fail to make a box office profit. (Check out the data in the DC Movie Report and the Marvel Movie Report to see the ugly truth for yourself.)
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