Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Your Comics Project Needs a Business Plan -- Here's What to Include

Aiming to be among these greats? Write a business plan first. Credit: Sam Howzit via Flickr.
By +Tim Beyers

Welcome to the show notes for issue 36 of +The Full Bleed. This week's business issue goes between the panels to explain what every comics creator should include in their business plan. Specifically:
  • A concept. Just as the script of your comic breaks down the panel-by-panel action, your business plan needs a concept that breaks down the basic plot, the characters, the scope of what's planned (i.e., an ongoing series, a limited series, a one-shot, a graphic novel, etc.), and the team developing it all.
  • A sense of the ideal reader. It's not enough to say that you're creating a horror comic or a superhero comic or a crime comic. Pretend as though you're selling the project like a movie producer and get granular about the type of reader you aim to attract. Find out what else they read, and then explain why they should add you to their stack. What will they get from you that they can't get elsewhere?
  • A financial plan. Again, get granular, starting with your distribution strategy. Will you publish print or digital comics? If the latter, will you stick with a self-hosted webcomic or use the built-in advantages of ComiXology Submit? How will you market your work? Take inventory of all of your costs and then check how your peers price their books. You can always choose to price differently, of course. The goal is to get a rough idea of how many units you'll need to sell in order to break even.
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