Tuesday, July 7, 2015

How to Use Digital Exclusives to Sell Comics

Digital exclusives are no longer tough to find. Credit: Dynamite Entertainment via ComiXology.
By +Tim Beyers

Welcome to the show notes for issue 40 of +The Full Bleed. This week's business issue goes between the panels to explain how digital exclusives can help market your comic book project. We review three ideas in particular:
  • Deleted scenes aren't just for movies. Scan (or, if already working in digital, reformat) unused panels as wallpapers available for sale at your website. Don't offer an immediate download. Instead, collect the order and an email address and add a special watermark to the wallpaper signifying it as one of a limited number, and then send it via an expiring Dropbox download link.
  • If you're making motion comics, consider extracting the soundtrack or a character's voice as a downloadable ringtone. Sell it cheap and at an unusual price -- $0.19, for example -- to drive up volume and get your material in front of more readers.
  • Finally, consider adding extra pages specifically for your digital customers. Dynamite did this recently with its comics adaptation of Bob's Burgers. Boom Studios did something similar for fans of the Fox drama Sleepy Hollow. Think about ways you can give fans more in digital form and then encourage them to share widely. 
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