Thursday, March 3, 2016

Deadpool Kills The Fantastic Four

By +Tim Beyers

Of all the numbers that describe how big a hit Deadpool is for Fox the most important is $134,109,323. That's how much profit the merc with a mouth has brought in for the studio -- after you include over $82 million in losses from Fantastic Four.

The story gets even more interesting if you compare Deadpool to the wider universe of +Marvel movies. Let's break it down by the key statistics, brought to you by Box Office Mojo and The Marvel Movie Report:

  • Total box office = $619,260,644 (14th)
  • Domestic box office = $290,439,707 (10th)
  • Estimated box office profit = $216,630,322 (4th!)
  • Estimated box office profit margin = 34.98% (1st!)

To put this in narrative perspective, Deadpool has made more box office profit than any of the Spider-Man films. Or Guardians of the Galaxy. Or Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Or X-Men: Days of Future Past, which at just over $99 million had held the record for box office profit for a Fox-produced Marvel movie.

Hearty congratulations to Ryan Reynolds, director Tim Miller, and everyone else involved in bringing the merc with a mouth to the big screen.

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